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City of Zion
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City of Zion (or CoZ) is an independent group of open source developers, designers and translators formed to support the NEO core and ecosystem.


The City of Zion organization consists of the following structure (ordered by ascending rankings):

  1. Contributors
  2. Developers
  3. Maintainers
  4. Council


The City of Zion GitHub allows contributions from anyone. When an individual makes sufficient and repeated contributions they are added to the organization as a Contributor. Contributors have no special write access to any GitHub repositories, but can submit their contributions in a bi-weekly manner for rewards, paid out by the CoZ council in NEO and GAS.


When a contributor makes sufficient and dedicated contributions, their status is upgraded from Contributor to Developer. Developers are added to the CoZ GitHub organization, and are recognized by the community as an official member of the organization.


Maintainers are developers who are employed full-time by City of Zion to work on a single single City of Zion project.


The City of Zion Council consists of 9 members. The council votes on contribution rewards, initiatives, competitions, and funding for non-profit community projects and initiatives aimed to contribute to the Smart Economy.

Rewards Model

Contributors can submit their contributions to City of Zion in a private channel in the NEO Discord Server, in the form of a GitHub Gist. Every 2 weeks, the City of Zion council distributed rewards to contributors.


City of Zion has a set of guidelines which indicate the goals of contributing to the Smart Economy [1]:

  1. There will be a council always composed of 9 members. They are the Council team in our organization.
  2. There will be a high council composed of 4 members of the council. They are the Maintainers of the Council team.
  3. Any member of CoZ can create and collaborate on projects.
  4. There will be a weekly report delivered to NEO by the high council via a PGP signed email and correspondent pull request on GitHub.
  5. In case of any support from NEO as reward or bounty, the funds will initially be held by a trusted third party in a wallet for distribution.
  6. After 1 September 2017, all CoZ funds will be held in a multi-sig wallet requiring a majority of the high council to unlock funding.
  7. Rewards distribution will be voted on by project before being sent. There must be a majority agreement of all 9 council members.
  8. All decisions not explicitly differentiated in this list will be voted upon as in item 7.
  9. Item 7 voting polls of the council will run for 1 week on the #council Discord channel and after closing will be published in the #develop channel.
  10. The high council will be voted upon each quarter, synchronizing with the quarters of the year. The first election will be on 1 October 2017. The newly elected high council can propose changes to these rules during the first week after the election. Changes will be voted upon as in item 7.
  11. Any member of the council or high council is free to forfeit their position at any time. When this happens, an election will take place and a majority of council members must decide upon a replacement.
  12. Any member of the council that does not vote on polls for more than 2 months will automatically forfeit their position.


City of Zion is responsible for several open-source Smart Economy projects:

  • "City of Zion".