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Dean van Dugteren
Dean van Dugteren.jpg
Photograph of Dean van Dugteren during his nOS announcement presentation, at the NEO Amsterdam event April 14th 2018
Born Daan Jan van Dugteren
(1992-05-17) May 17, 1992 (age 26)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Nationality Dutch
Other names Dean van Dugteren
Occupation nOS Founder and CEO
Known for nOS, NEO Smart Contract Education, Click.DJ, VDT.Network, Vidiato, Apex Rise, Lil Train

Daan Jan van Dugteren (born May 17th, 1992), also known as Deanpress, is a Dutch entrepreneur and software developer. He is the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of nOS.

Dean was born and raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He attended the Conservatorium of Amsterdam before dropping out that same year due to a successful career in music and business. He has also had early successes with Bitcoin mining and development, dating back to circa 2011 [1]. Dean has created multiple blockchain projects, is a developer at City of Zion, and has made contributions to the NEO ecosystem and the Smart Economy in general, with efforts in terms of programming, marketing, education, and business.


Music career

In 2011, Dean started a professional career as music producer and performer under the stage name Apex Rise [1].

Under this alias, Dean released several songs which gained millions of listeners, such as “Take U Out”, which reached 6.5 million views on YouTube shortly after its release [2], and the Trap City Mix which reached 11 million views on YouTube [3].

One of Dean's alternative stage names is Lil Train [2], on which he releases his rap music.

Dean also founded Amstergang [3], an electronic music label and promotional brand.

Macrowish and StageDive

In 2012, Dean founded Macrowish [4] (a software application development company) and simultaneously published StageDive[4].

StageDive was the world's first "Follow-to-Download" platform. The platform introduced a new concept to the music industry: artists could make their music available as a free download, if the downloading user follows the artists on their social media.


Shortly after the launch of StageDive, Dean built a successor to the application that introduced more features and premium plans: Click.DJ [5].

Click.DJ became one of the the world’s largest music marketing software solutions with over 430,000 users and 3,000,000 connected social media accounts [5]. The application is used by top tier artists, management agencies, promotional channels and distributors alike. The platform's users have included Wiz Khalifa, Oliver Heldens, San Holo, NGHTMRE, MrSuicideSheep, Monstercat, Spinnin Records, Trap Nation, and Trap City.


In 2015, Dean created EDM.Plus [6], a music discovery platform powered by automated ranking algorithms. Trending music is automatically detected and indexed, providing free streams and references to the artists' social media accounts.



In 2016, Dean became co-founder and full-stack developer at Vidiato [7], a cloud-based data-driven video production & rendering solution, currently in closed beta. The service is actively used by the YouTube channel and music label Trap City.


In 2017, Dean founded VDT.Network, a blockchain-powered solution for automated computing tasks, which is utilized to power Vidiato and other software solutions requiring cost-efficient decentralized rendering of data-driven videos.

City of Zion

During his work on VDT.Network, Dean started contributing to the Antshares codebase. Shortly after, also in 2017, Dean joined the City of Zion organization as a developer.


Dean has given NEO Smart Contract development educational sessions at official NEO events across Europe, the United States, and Asia.


NEO Amsterdam

Dean is one of the organizers of NEO Amsterdam.

  • The first event was held at De Rode Hoed (in Amsterdam), which sold out to 450 people, and reached 10,000 viewers during its livestream [6].
  • The second event was held at the DeLaMar Theater, one of Amsterdam's most prestigious theaters. The event had 750 attendees and over 10,000 livestream viewers, effectively making it one of Europe's biggest blockchain events, and one of the world's largest NEO events [7].


In January 2018, Dean wrote the original concept paper for nOS.

nOS is an open-source blockchain-powered virtual operating system, often described as a full-stack solution for decentralized application development, deployment, discovery, and interaction.

nOS was introduced April 14th, 2018, at the the NEO Amsterdam event. At the event, Dean also announced that the VDT.Network modules were completed, and are to be integrated with Moonlight's back-end. Moonlight is founded by Dean's colleagues at City of Zion.

Shortly after the project's announcement, 60 dApps deployed on nOSNet, a NEO blockchain Testnet.

NEO Lighthouse

Dean proposed the concept of NEO Lighthouse on August 10th, 2018 on the NEO GitHub repository [8]. NEO Lighthouse is a working title for a community effort to educate people about NEO 2.0 and its progressions, effectively looking to draw unproductive attention away from NEO 3, an update planned to release in 2019 or 2020. Dean stated that the public's attention should not be pulled towards NEO 3.0, due to its release being planned far in the future (which introduces a negative premise), and to instead bring more attention to current developments and progression [9].

Smart Economy Wiki

In an effort to educate more people about the Smart Economy, on August 11th 2018, Dean created Smart Economy Wiki. The platform, built on MediaWiki [8], aims to serve as a community-driven effort for providing objective information relating to the Smart Economy.