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HappyNodes Logo.png
Available in English
Owner F27 Ventures
Website happynodes.f27.ventures
Launched June 29, 2018; 4 months ago (2018-06-29)
Current status Active
Written in Python, Javascript

Happynodes is a blockchain network monitor and visualisation tool designed for the NEO Smart Economy Blockchain. It is live on https://happynodes.f27.ventures. It is developed and run by F27 with support from NGD and City of Zion.

Key Features

  • Network detection finds new public nodes as they become available
  • Backed by a database to record historic information so you can see trends and performance of nodes over time
  • A friendly UI


NGD (NEO Global Development) decided to sponsor and run the first NEO London Hackathon on 17th June 2018 with the aim of finding a companion network monitor to City of Zion's neo-mon project, monitor.cityofzion.io.

Based on the rules of the Hackathon and from our experiences of City of Zion's monitor, we tried to focus on:

  • A user-friendly experience that would welcoming to new and existing developers
  • Adding historical information (CoZ's monitor is database-less, so can't monitor evolution over time)
  • Providing some innovation not seen in the existing monitor or any other NEO tool

Source Control

HappyNodes is completely open source and is hosted officially on neo-ngd's Github: https://github.com/neo-ngd/Happynodes. It has a MIT licence.