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Ticker symbol RHT
Initial release December 24, 2017; 10 months ago (2017-12-24)
Website hashpuppi.es
Circulating supply 60000
Supply limit 60000


HashPuppies is a 3D crypto-collectable game built using the NEO blockchain that allows players to breed, interact with and train digital puppies. Each puppy has a unique genetic construction with certain rare attributes, assigned randomly using specialized algorithms and attached to the user’s individual address and archived on the NEO blockchain.

The ticker of HashPuppies (RHT) stands for "Redeemable Hashpuppy Token" because it acts as a voucher exchangeable for a one Generation-0 HashPuppy when the game goes live. $RHT was listed on Switheo.Exchange in August 2018.


Splyse is a small firm of innovators, devs and creatives located in the Southern region of the United States. Splyse was incorporated in the fall of 2017 and was formed from members of a local hackerspace created by the founder of Splyse.

Our core dev team positioned themselves as experts in the NEO blockchain and won their first dApp contest in November 2017. We then decided to create a game, powered by NEO smart contracts, designed to foster community engagement with NEO and help educate newcomers about blockchain technology through gaming.

While our firm is small and agile, we have a larger vision for mass adoption and a more democratic and decentralized approach to digital asset creation, ownership and DLT.

Splyse created HashPuppies to show what's possible with the NEO blockchain and to do so in a manner that's accessible for everyone, not a "whale-centric" business model. The game is designed to engage both experienced blockchain devs and newcomers to both NEO and blockchain technology in general.


RHT is a non-fungible token (NEO NFT Template). A non-fungible token (NFT) can be thought of like a property deed - each one is unique and carries some non-mutable information (e.g. the physical address of the property) although other information, such as the owner of the property can be changed.

An RHT token itself does not represent a puppy, but will be exchangeable for a non-fungible token once the game is out.

Regardless of whether or not a player has any RHT, they will still be able to purchase a puppy once the game has launched.

As the game hasn't been launched yet, there are only a few items known on the game itself at the moment:

● The pool of non-fungible tokens that will be the basis of the puppy DNA will be pre-generated.

● Redemption of the RHT will get a random gen-0 puppy from a pre-allocated pool.

● The game aims at being a fully-fledged game with 3D graphics/gameplay. [1]

● HashPuppies will be using MCT tokens in game.


Please visit the Hashpuppies' official progress page for the latest information on how the game is coming to life!

Token details


Like with MCT and ONT tokens distribution, there was no public token sale/initial coin offering for HashPuppies as RHT was delivered in advance of the game release, as a coupon to be redeemed for a generation 0 puppy on game launch. To get RHT, one had to have a qualifying wallet on the date the snapshot was taken and to meet some requirements [2].

Specifically, qualifying wallets had to have send or receive NEO (not GAS or other assets/tokens) during the time period of December 8th, 2017 through December 24th, 2017 and had to have a final balance between 1 and 99 NEO. These dates/times correspond to the range of blocks starting with block #1677683 and ending with block #1739381 on NEO Blockchain.

Total Supply

The total supply of RHT is 60,000 tokens. Of those 60,000 tokens, 46,023 (76%) were airdropped to NEO qualifying addresses following the snapshot on December 2017. The remaining 13,977 tokens are reserved for additional community and team rewards.

Token Listing

RHT was listed for trading on August 10th, 2018 on Switcheo. The RHT token is available for purchase or trading in RHT/NEO, RHT/GAS, and RHT/SWTH pairings. One specificity of this token is that as it is non-divisible it can only be traded in whole units. For more specifics regarding the Switcheo listing, please visit this link.


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