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Registration January 2018 (on GitHub)
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NeoResearch is an open-source community focused in developing cutting-edge technologies for NEO Blockchain. NEO Ecosystem comprises several projects from many development groups worldwide, including secure Wallets for users interacting with the blockchain, compilers for NeoVM in different programming languages and efficient consensus algorithms for blockchain management.


NeoResearch is not a private company nor any form of legally constituted entity, it’s just a bunch of people crazy by blockchain technology and the Smart Economy revolution. It was co-founded by brazilian academics/researchers, but participation is open to anyone who wishes to collaborate on the projects. Community members are publicly visible on group's GitHub [1].

Topics of Interest and Donations

Donations to the group can be redistributed to contributors according to the following topics of interest (which are also aligned with NEO Foundation directions):

  1. Development and contributions on platforms that provide Integration of NEO Ecosystem (integrations between different tools that increase overall user experience and simplify development on NEO);
  2. Development and contributions on platforms that provide greater stability of NEO Ecosystem (bugfixes and validated/tested proposals for improvement of the main consensus project are also welcome);
  3. Conducted studies and assessment of state-of-the-art projects, including Benchmarks that could lead to platform improved Efficiency (projects that propose/test novel high performance tools/techniques also fit this topic);
  4. Standardization, creation and organization of Learning Materials, that could help newcomers to easily develop on NEO (tutorials, written and audiovideo materials, examples and coding templates, specially in different languages…).

Ecosystem Integration

NeoResearch is focused on providing integration, research-related development and data analysis on NEO ecosystem tools. One proposal of the group is the development and maintainance of the online compiling/testing platform NeoCompiler Eco. This tool was created by three members: Igor Coelho, Vitor Coelho and Fabio Cardoso. It is composed of three major components: a web-interface (currently hosted on github); a remote compile service for C#, Python, Go and Java; and a shared NEO privatenet, which is reset periodically allowing developers worldwide to easily develop, deploy and test smart contracts. The service is free of charge and does not require any kind of login, which is the intention of the group regarding openess and bring wider adoption of NEO open-source technology. Another integration tool being developed is neo-tests project, which allows testing and data gathering on consensus algorithms of NEO blockchain.

Governance and Community Management

NeoResearch has a set of guidelines which indicate the goals of contributing to the Smart Economy [1]:

  1. Any person is free to collaborate with NeoResearch projects (with MIT license). In order to apply for scientific grants (travel/conference/research development grants), project goals must be aligned with NeoResearch, NEO teams and the Community in general.
  2. Public documents and reports signature can be verified considering our PGP/GPG/OpenPGP (TODO).
  3. In case of any support/donation given as reward or bounty, the funds will initially be held by wallet Neo Public Address AYm3cVBEbkSXwX9Dvq4YTZwFyxtXJT54hQ.
  4. This community is intended to provide academic/scientific support for NEO Ecosystem. Published academic papers/presentations that intend to receive funds must refer to NeoResearch, in order to widespread the NEO technology.

Donations are also directed for community management actions, such as writing news regarding blockchain-related topics and organizing workshops.


NeoResearch is responsible for several open-source projects: