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Neolink is a Chrome web browser extension that provides wallet functionality for the Neo Smart Economy.

The project started as a collaboration of Hal0x2328 and fetter to create a submission to the first City of Zion dApp competition. [1] Hal0x2328 and fetter were awarded first place in the competition for their submission of project Neo Smart IoT. [2]

Neolink is still undergoing development but a Chrome Store release is just around the corner.


Note: These features are active on the development branch of the GitHub repo. [3]

  • Easily switch between MainNet, TestNet, and custom user configurable private networks
  • Password protected extension access
  • Password authorization required for transaction confirmation and approval
  • Transaction review with timestamps and remark support
  • Send Neo or Gas to an address (contract transaction)
  • Test invoke smart contracts, with variadic arguments, to determine gas cost and test (invocation transaction)
  • Send invoke smart contracts (invocation transaction)
  • Authorize both types of smart contract invocations as requested by third-party dApp (dApp integration)
  • SemVer 2.0 compliant
  • Persistent storage of user configuration in chrome localstorage
  • Create, Import, Export, and Open Wallets (includes encrypted WIF aka NEP-2)
  • Balance home screen includes any NEP-5 tokens listed by Neoscan (dynamically per the wonderful Neoscan API)
  • (MainNet, TestNet, and custom) support

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