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Spotcoin Logo.png
Ticker symbol SPOT
Circulating supply Unknown
Supply limit 99,000,000

Spotcoin is an economic platform designed to bridge the gap between legacy financial markets and emerging digital asset ecosystems. Spotcoin adds trust to the fragmented landscape of new digital assets by quickly and transparently handling complex transactions while matching orders and removing market inefficiencies. Spotcoin is building digital asset management tools and developing an interface that allows customers to derive the full benefit of the smart economy.


What does Spotcoin do?

We make digital currencies work for everyone through direct access and simple liquidity. We started as an over-the-counter clearing house in Tbilisi, Georgia that provides ease of movement between fiat and cryptocurrencies. With our rapid growth, we've expanded into a multifaceted powerhouse engaged in mining operations and education. With the funding from our upcoming ICO, we will build an automated digital currency exchange in Georgia that gives everyone in the Black Sea region access to the smart economy.

What is Spotcore?

The power behind Spotcoin’s future businesses is the Spotcore engine, which will provide all of our users with simple liquidity. The Spotcore engine will fluidly integrate our digital exchange, mining operations, payment system, and the OTC marketplace. This will then connect to the Spotcoin user interface, that makes digital asset management easier than ever.


Over the Counter (OTC) Marketplace

Spotcoin’s OTC marketplace was established in November 2016 to provide digital to fiat currency trading services for clients worldwide. The fragmented global OTC marketplace for digital currency trading is estimated to be greater than $10B per year. Spotcoin intends to become a market leader for trusted OTC trades in all major digital currencies. Spotcoin is developing an automated marketplace and will obtain all necessary licenses to increase our global trading capabilities.

1.1MW Mining Facility

Spotcoin has designed and initiated an environmentally friendly $3.25M facility utilizing hydroelectric power, and our total mining operations are scalable up to 25MW. Our new facility will house 4,500 GPU miners with additional capacity to host 4,500 units on behalf of clients.

Fiat / Digital Currency Exchange

Our digital asset exchange will focus on a simple user-interface providing global and regional fiat currency trading pairs with four core digital currencies: GAS, BTC, ETH and SIB. Spotcore, our proprietary order matching engine, will provide centralized liquidity between our digital exchange, mining operation, and over-the-counter marketplace (OTC), and our Spotpay payment system.

Spotpay Retail Payments

Spotcoin’s innovative payment system is a key aspect of our “simple liquidity” ethos. Spotpay will provide a secure payment widget , an API and app-based digital wallets that will provide consumers with fast, low-cost, and secure point of sale transactions. Spotpay will integrate with Spotcore to provide instantaneous payouts in the merchant’s desired currency with transactions occurring at the current market price. Spotcoin intends to capture $1M per month of estimated $100M existing retail digital currency marketplace by Q4 2020.

Token Generation Event

  1. Pre-ICO is now closed![1]
  2. ICO Coming: After Summer

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