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Ticker symbol SWTH
White paper Switcheo Whitepaper
Initial release March 31, 2018; 7 months ago (2018-03-31)
Code repository Switcheo Github Repo
Website switcheo.network
Circulating supply 700 Million
Supply limit 1 billion


Switcheo Exchange is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange built on the NEO Blockchain which uses an NEP-5 token (SWTH) as their utility token.

Co-founded by Ivan Poon, Henry Chua and Jack Yeu, Switcheo MainNet went live on March 31st 2018, and is the first DEX running on NEO blockchain.


In December 2017, Switcheo was one of the winners of City of Zion #1 dApps competition [1]. This was promptly followed by a launch on TestNet of their new DEX (Decentralized Exchange) in January 2018, followed by their MainNet launch on March 31st 2018.

Switcheo had a public ICO on March 16th 2018, where they successfully raised $3.2M USD in addition to the $5.5M USD they raised in their presale.


Switcheo is built on React.js and offers the following features:

● Market buy/sell

● Limit buy/sell

● Login through JSON Wallet, WIF, Private Key, Ledger

● Client-side matching and filling multiple offers within a single offer

● Automatic retry of failed fills

● Personal transaction history

● Trading charts (via tradingview)

Switcheo decided to have a utility token for their platform as opposed to a security token, which implies that there are no dividends benefits to holding SWTH (ticker for Switcheo tokens). The main benefit of their token is to reduce fees by 50% if paid with SWTH. This implies that SWTH total supply will be reduced over time, with no limit to the token supply reduction. At first Switcheo also wanted to implement some staking features, but they decided to remove that feature for legal considerations and to simplify their token ICO.

As of August 2018, 25 tokens are listed on Switcheo (almost all of existing NEP-5 tokens are available for trading). The process of adding new tokens to Switcheo is a manual one at the moment, mainly for security reasons to validate the contract for example. But on the short term, with Switcheo’s Dynamic Call function, new NEP-5 tokens could become available to trade as soon as their ICO have started.

Ledger wallets are supported for Switcheo since June 12th, and on August 13th, Switcheo and O3 Labs announced [2] that users can now directly trade from O3 wallet on Switcheo, thus allowing O3 wallet users to log in to Switcheo and trade directly from their mobile wallet, in a completely secure way. Support for Ledger on O3 wallet should also happen shortly.


With their recurring SWTH token burn, it is currently not possible to know how many tokens have been burned when fees are paid with SWTH as it's happening directly in a smart contract. Switcheo is planning to add a "Burn counter" which will reflect the new total token supply on the fly.

As announced on their roadmap [3], on Q3 2018 Switcheo is planning to add QRC20 tokens trading followed by ERC20 tokens trading. Cross-Chain trading between NEO/QTUM/ETH is supposed to be complete in Q4 2018.

Token details

SWTH is the current ticker for Switcheo (as they swapped their token from SWH to SWTH in v1.5) and has a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens (1 billion). The total supply reduces over time as fees paid with SWTH are burned in real-time.

As of June 29th, Switcheo has already burned 220,783 SWTH with around 12.83% of all fees paid in SWTH [4]


Switcheo charges 0.15% as taker fees (reduced to 0.075% if paid in SWTH) and all maker orders have 0 fees. Switcheo doesn't charge any fee for deposits or withdrawals.


Version 1: this is the initial release which went out on March 2018.

Version 1.5: on May 14th 2018, Switcheo upgraded their smart contract from V1 to V1.5 leading to a manual token swap [5] to change their token from SWH to SWTH, in preparation for their V2.

Version 2: on July 25th 2018, Switcheo finally launched their awaited V2 platform with brand new features such as a trading API, Bots support, Customized deposit and withdrawals, Mobile UI compatibility and Instant trade confirmations. As part of their V2 launch, Switcheo also ran a bug bounty program prior to the launch, an API development contest [6] and multiple trading competitions.


As NEO are locked in a smart contract while users have open orders, GAS generation is attached to the smart contract itself and can't be withdrawn from the smart contract. In the future, if the smart contract was modified, it could be feasible to withdraw the GAS attached to this smart contract, but currently GAS generation from NEO on open orders is lost.

Prior to Switcheo V2 launch, there was an issue with NEP-8 proposal (tokens with smart contract written in Python) and IAM was listed for a couple days but had to be delisted until NEP-8 patch was implemented, which happened in V2 of Switcheo. [7]


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