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Travala Logo.png
Ticker symbol AVA
Coins Utility token
White paper Travala Whitepaper
Initial release V.2 / December 2017; 11 months ago (2017-12) as
Written in C#, Python.
Block time 15-25 seconds
Block explorer
Circulating supply c. 28,226,684 (as of 10 August 2018)

Travala is a decentralized travel marketplace built on the NEO blockchain. Travala allows access to use the platform via the NEP-5 token AVA.

The travala platform interacts with the NEO blockchain at each stage of the booking process, from initial payment to verification of checkout, thus, payment to the supplier.


Travala was initially launched Concierge with the original token ticker CGE in 2017. The Co-founders Matt Luczynski and Steve Hipwell decided after the deployment of CGE that Concierge wasn't the desired name for the platform, the project was rebranded to Travala in early 2018. The AVA token was then distributed at a 1:1 ratio to all CGE token holders issued upon the NEO blockchain[1].


Current Features

The initial focus for Travala has been around it's usability, using the NEO blockchain for the booking process incorporating smart contract deployment for each booking.

Locations Available

77,632 Properties in 12 Countries covering 4563 Destinations ranging from 1 to 5 star ratings with accommodation types of Hotels, Apartments, Hostels, Villas and Resorts all live and bookable with the native AVA token.

  • Vietnam — 5,626 Properties
  • Thailand — 18,066 Properties
  • Indonesia — 11,378 Properties
  • Australia — 13,731 Properties
  • Japan — 11,170 Properties
  • Malaysia — 5,209 Properties
  • New Zealand — 3,978 Properties
  • Cambodia — 1,901 Properties
  • Laos — 795 Properties
  • Myanmar — 866 Properties
  • South Korea — 4,604 Properties
  • Fiji — 308 Properties

Future Features

Travala will continue to increase the number of destinations available for users to become a global booking platform. The platform will also incorporate a multi layered infrastructure within its token economics and economy. Information regarding this is set to be released October 2018.


As of 25th August 2018, Travala has published 3 partnerships:


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