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Code repository Voteo Github
Written in Python, Angular


Voteo is a decentralized voting application (“dApp”), built on nOS platform on NEO blockchain. It allows users to create and take part in public or private polls, quizzes, questionnaires, surveys, or even elections; these users can be rewarded for participation in the polls. Project planning and development started in May 2018. In August 2018, Voteo has was chosen as one of the TOP 15 dApps built on nOS platform by nOS team.

Key Features

Public and Private polls

Create transparent, safe and tamper-proof polls. Ask public or friends for opinion, put set of questions, choose from variety of poll options and collect results.

Rewards & Incentive Model

Earn tokens by participating in public polls and sponsored surveys. Spend them to create your own poll and set reward pool for participants.

NEO Smart Economy voting system

Voteo allows crypto projects to create polls based on token balances which is a great way to involve token holders in decision making process and give extra value to your token.

KYC verified voters

Create surveys for targeted audience. Want to target young individuals in central Europe with affinity to blockchain tech? Now, you can due to our KYC (Know your customer) integration.

Powered by GAS & Voteo token

Explore dual token system, with GAS being used to power transactions on network and Voteo tokens as a core of rewards & incentive system.

eID implementation

Take part in the most data sensitive polls and elections due to integration of eID verification and its standards approved by EU.



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