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Moonlight is a decentralized platform built on the NEO network that addresses workforce recruitment and scaling. [1] The platform leverages a number of industry-standard concepts to define an ecosystem which globally optimizes employment from both an employee and employer perspective, while also improving public confidence in project success.

To do this, Moonlight will use the NEO Blockchain to deploy a network of trustless resumes, and to anchor the platform’s tools such as a global task match-making service and analytical project management platform. The goal of these tools is to reduce the compartmentalization of resources.

Moonlight aims to provide resource identification, advanced project coordination, trustless resumes, remittance, project crowdfunding, and decentralized staffing solutions to the "gig" economy.

Key Features


In the Moonlight platform, an issuer is an entity that creates a task in the system, and a resolver fulfills tasks.[2]

Issuers create tasks and identify skills that are required for completion. Additionally, issuers may assign a level of competency to the skill to further define desired qualifications. A matchmaking algorithm is built into the Smart Contract to provide resolvers with task recommendations based on skillset. Developers wishing to interface with the ecosystem will have access to the matchmaking algorithm through the public API. Upon task completion, the issuer and resolver must provide a review of the other in a manner that is dependent on the task remittance strategy. Reviews (in addition to the skills) are stored on the blockchain for verification and reference by others.

New users who seek tasks, but have no experience in the desired skill-set will face difficulty finding a bidder in the task market. Moonlight aims to handle this situation by allowing reslovers to place extremely competitive bids to offset experience; support unvalidated (off-chain) resume content to represent experience which occurred outside of the ecosystem; and, form strategic partnerships with external qualification verification platforms to allow users the ability to build their validated qualifications without prior experience in the Moonlight ecosystem.

Trustless Resumes

Each task resolved in Moonlight is published to the blockchain to build up an organization’s trustless resume. Task completion information is structured for use in the system applications and is considered a cleaner dataset than conventional resumes due to its means of nucleation.


Moonlight aims to provide a reliable method for currency exchange as well as multiple distinct remittance strategies. The Moonlight project will be integrated with City of Zion (CoZ) sibling project Neon Exchange (NEX) as a primary means of currency exchange in the scenario where the currency preferences differ between issuer and resolver. Five remittance methods have been identified for initial release:

  1. Postpay: Postpay is the default payment strategy implemented by the system. When selected as the payment mechanism for a task, remittance will be handled after the task has been completed and the first of two review rounds have occurred.
  2. Prepay: The prepay remittance strategy executes when a task is awarded to a resolver, immediately releasing payment.
  3. Staked: Occasionally, the method of payment for work completed on a task may be contingent on the completion of other tasks.If the project is successful, the payment in the issued tokens is received by the resolver. If the project fails to issue tokens within a time-frame defined by the staking process, the staked currency is used for payment instead.
  4. Flex: The Flex mechanic is similar to Postpay with the exception that the compensation amount is undefined until after the task has been completed. As a requirement, issuers will need to provide details on the compensation criteria. Examples of use include hourly pay, bonuses for quality deliverables, and payment by word-count on authored blog articles.
  5. Periodic: Periodic payment is similar to the salary mechanic of industry. When actively assigned a task on the platform, remittance will occur at a regular interval on terms which have been defined by the issuer prior to task assignment.

Token Sale and Distribution

Total Token Supply: 1,000,000,000 LX Tokens


  • 30% Immediate Project Growth*
  • 25% Pre-Sale
  • 25% Public Token Sale
  • 20% Vested Project Growth

Immediate Project Growth is allocated to support strategic partnerships, core developer incentives, advisory and business needs, and use on the Moonlight platform to compensate the Smart Economy workforce


Quarter 2, 2018

  • Private Beta Release
  • Public Token Sale

Quarter 3, 2018

  • Marketplace Feature Complete
  • Marketplace Public Beta Release

Quarter 1, 2019

  • Marketplace Initial Public Release
  • Project Management Feature Complete

Quarter 2, 2019

  • Project Management Publice Beta Release

Quarter 4, 2019

  • Project Management Initial Public Release


City of Zion (CoZ)

Moonlight partnered with CoZ in February of 2018. [3]


Moonlight will provide a platform for trustless resumes, recruitment, and project management. Thor Token will provide the platform users with features such as benefits and payments for contractors, health insurance, paycheck processing, and retirement accounts. The partnership will aim to provide a solid solution to the current problem of recruiting and finding a competent workforce in a quick, easy, and trustless manner. [4]

VDT Network

The partnership with VDT Network was announced at the NEO Amsterdam Summit. VDT is a decentralized render farm network on blockchain that will fully integrate with the Moonlight marketplace as its back-end layer. [5]


Moonlight was the first official partner of nOS, a mobile and desktop operating system for interacting with the blockchain. Moonlight’s smart workforce decentralized application will be fully compatible with nOS, and nOS will utilize Moonlight for open source project development tasks. [6]


Red4Sec will perform security audits and architecture reviews for the Moonlight token sale and applications. They will also be available as one of the first organizations on the Moonlight platform where they'll provide security auditing services. Red4Sec has worked for numerous high-profile clients, such as NEO, Ubiquiti Networks, and CoZ, and helped improve the security of companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Oracle’s MySQL through responsible disclosure. [7]

NEO Global Capital (NGC)

Moonlight receives financial support from NGC, which is the financial branch of the NEO Foundation that provides support to the projects that will help the NEO Smart Economy grow to its highest potential. NGC provided $1 million in project funding. [8]