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Travala is an already-operational one-stop travel booking platform which combines the best of this generation’s booking website functionality with the incredible benefits enabled by next generation’s decentralized technologies and tokenized incentive structures
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Ticker symbol AVA
Coins Utility Token
White paper Business Plan
Initial release V.2 / December 2017; 1 year ago (2017-12)
Written in C#, Python.
Block time 15-25 seconds
Block explorer
Circulating supply c. 44,283,312 (as of 30 August 2019) enters 2019 looking to sustain momentum while distinguishing itself from competitors, ultimately becoming the center of discussions both inside the blockchain industry and in the wider travel landscape.



Locations Available

567,928 Properties in 210 Countries ranging from 1 to 5-star ratings with accommodation types of Hotels, Apartments, Hostels, Villas and Resorts all live and bookable with the native AVA token as well as FIAT and leading Cryptocurrency assets.

Current Features

The initial focus for has been around its usability, using the NEO blockchain for the booking process incorporating smart contract deployment for each booking.

  • Underpinned by a token-powered incentivization economy which gives real rewards for valuable acts such as user referrals and key-opinion-leader content
  • Always available at a minimum average of 15% lower than current mainstream OTAs; enabled through agile integration of the leading wholesale travel solution partners
  • Leading cryptocurrencies and traditional (FIAT) currencies as payment options
  • Boosted discounts and special offers direct from brands and suppliers
  • Innovative UX design and user mechanics for a best-in-class user experience

Future Features will continue to increase the number of destinations available for users to become a global booking platform. The platform will also incorporate a multi-layered infrastructure within its token economics and economy.

  • Validated blockchain-verified reviews for 100% feedback authenticity
  • A globally-competitive range of travel services; Accommodation (Hotels, Resorts, Hostels), Flights, Things to do (Tours, Activities, Experiences), Restaurants, Transfers, Car Rentals, Vacation Rentals, and Cruises


What is the AVA Token?

The AVA token is based on the NEO NEP-5 Standard. The tokens can be held in any NEO address, using any wallet software that supports the NEO blockchain protocol and NEP-5 tokens, including the native wallet.

  • Total Supply - 61,571,086 AVA
  • Circulating Supply as of 30 August 2019 - 44,283,312 AVA

What are the Token Use Cases?

  • Payment Methods
  • Booking Giveback
  • SMART Discounts
  • SMART Loyalty
  • INVITE Referrals
  • Review Rewards
  • Crypto Refunds
  • Payment Listing Fees

For more information about the use cases, check out the below sites:

What are the Payment Options?

Cryptocurrencies (Natively Added):

  • - AVA
  • Bitcoin - BTC
  • NEO - NEO
  • Litecoin - LTC
  • Bitcoin Cash - BCH
  • Dash - DASH
  • Ethereum - ETH
  • Ripple - XRP
  • Nano - NANO
  • Tronix - TRX
  • Digibyte - DGB
  • Monero - XMR
  • DAI - DAI

Fiat Currencies:

  • US Dollar - USD
  • Pound Sterling - GBP
  • Euro - EUR
  • Australian Dollar - AUD
  • Singapore Dollar - SGD
  • Canadian Dollar - CAD
  • New Zealand Dollar - NZD

Payment Providers:

  • (40+ Cryptocurrencies)
  • Paypal (Includes Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discovery)
  • Credit & Debit Card (Natively Added - Coming Soon)
  • Zoopay (Coming Soon)
  • BlueSnap (Coming Soon)

View the latest payment options here:

Is cheaper? aims to be 15% cheaper on average when compared to major Online Travel Agencies (OTA) such as or Expedia. In some instances you may find deals of up to 40%, in some instances savings will not be this high. Always shop around.

The Community has found some great deals such as this comparison:

But there aren't that many hotels?

A question has been put up many times recently on the amount of “properties” that are going to be available on

“Properties” means - Hotels, Hostels, Motels, Villas, Resorts, Apartments, Bed and Breakfast, Guesthouses and holiday rentals.

From a possible 83 “property” suppliers connected to's tech partner Gimmonix, there are 1,710,234 properties connected. now has 16 of these “property” supplier contracted partnerships ready to go live. Based on the property mapping aggregation run with the contracted suppliers, has a total of 1,479,142 properties available and bookable.

What makes unique?

Coming soon...

Booking Volume

To view the official booking numbers please refer to the reports:

To view a community made summary by Gilcn :

The Team

  • Matthew Luczynski - Co-Founder & CEO
  • Steve Hipwell - Co-Founder & COO
  • Juan Otero - Co-Founder & CSO
  • Kent Pham - CTO
  • Drew Currah - CFO
  • Alberto Cevallas - Token Economics Architect
  • Cong Nguyen - Senior Project Director
  • Hoa Pham - Blockchain Developer
  • Jayden Trinh - Support Specialist
  • Tuc Dang - Support Specialist



AVA is currently trading on the below markets:

  • Kucoin - Exchange (Buy AVA using BTC, ETH or USDT)
  • Coinall - Exchange (Buy AVA using BTC, ETH or USDT)



The official Blog:

Community Reviews

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