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NOS Logo Circle 500px Transparent.png
Ticker symbol nOS
Initial release April 14, 2018; 13 months ago (2018-04-14)
Code repository nOS Github
License MIT
Circulating supply Unknown
Supply limit Unknown

nOS (pron. "en oh es" or "noss") is a full-stack solution for decentralized application development, deployment, discovery, and interaction. It describes itself as a Virtual Operating System due to the distributed services it aims to offer for both developers and end-users.

The project's private concept paper was authored January 2018 by nOS founder and CEO Dean van Dugteren. Dean publicly announced and presented nOS for the first time on April 14th 2018 at the NEO Amsterdam event.

The Token Generation Event has concluded in November 2018.

Feature Summaries

Transparent Back-ends

On nOS, applications and websites can be deployed in a completely open and decentralized manner by integrating smart contracts, client-side code, and public-key cryptography.

Unlike server-side backend code, smart contracts can be open for all to read, allowing users to review how their data will be transmitted before any final commitments to action.


Client-side code and other frontend materials can be distributed via nOS Filesystem, a decentralized file sharing protocol that allows for secure and transparent distribution of static files.

By serving both backend logic and frontend material in an open-source, decentralized manner, true transparency between user and application can be achieved.


dApps that are deployed to nOS can be accessed through nOS Client, a software solution for desktop and mobile that (among other features) introduces nOS Browser.

nOS Browser functions as a web browser, with the added benefit that it integrates with the nOS Protocol, a blockchain-powered web protocol that facilitates secure and open accessibility of nOS dApps.

Protocol and Name Service

The nOS Protocol resolves domain names that exist on nOS Name Service, a blockchain-powered decentralized implementation of a Domain Name Service, and allows for dApps to register domain names which are discoverable on nOS.

dApp Gateway and Decentralized Authority

The dApp Gateway is a user-friendly dApp discovery platform (“App Store”) where rankings are decided in a completely decentralized manner via Decentralized Authority.

Automatic Token Conversion

nOS eliminates the need for end-users to exchange crypto-currencies in order to make use of various dApps. By integrating crypto-currency exchange APIs, nOS Client automatically converts primary blockchain platform currencies into the required amount of application tokens that are needed to make specific transactions or invocations.


April 2018

  1. Founder and CEO Dean van Dugteren announces nOS on April 14th 2018, live at the NEO Amsterdam event [1].
  2. During the announcement presentation, the Client MVP of nOS is released on GitHub.
  3. Dean joins NEO on the NEO Europe Tour to present the project and host development workshops.
  4. Announced partnerships with NEO Global Capital and Moonlight.
  5. Reached approximately 40,000 followers across its social media in 7 days since its release announcement.

All data surrounding progression can be found in the first nOS Medium publication.

May 2018

  1. Announced pre-sale requirements for developers and non-developers.
  2. Summarized Europe tour
  3. Introduced nOS Protocol
  4. Announced nOS Design Competition with $10,000 USD prize pool [2].
  5. Introduced Roger Lim as Advisor to nOS [3].
  6. Dean van Dugteren joins Smart Economy Expo held in European Parliament [3].
  7. Announced nOSNet Master Contract Token documentation [3].
  8. Announced create-nos-dapp one-click CLI tool for nOS dApp Development [4].

June 2018

  1. Announced nOS Client Design Competition Results [5].
  2. Introduced nOS Portal Application [5]
  3. Presented at NEO London Event [6]
  4. Dean joins debate on Blockchain adoption at EU Parliament [6]

July 2018

  1. Announced nOSNet: Live testnet for NEO-based decentralized applications [7]
  2. Announced deadline for dApp developers and early VDT.Network subscribers for secruing pre-sale access [7].

August 2018

  1. Announced 60+ dApps have been deployed to nOSNet [8]
  2. Published Top 15 Community-made dApps [9]

November 2018

  1. Completed token sale with approximately $11m USD raised
  2. Launched revamped community portal

December 2018

  1. Announced partnership with NEO-ONE
  2. Launched initial token utilities

January 2019

  1. Launched Client version 0.5
  2. Burned 37.2 million NOS
  3. Launches nOS ID Crypto-currency Address Bridge Solution
  4. Announced partnership with Cruzeo

February 2019

  1. Announced partnership with Integro


More than 65 decentralized applications [9] has been deployed to nOSNet, a NEO-based Public Testnet powered by nOS.


nOS has publicized the following partnerships on its website:


nOS consists of a core team containing several members from City of Zion, and also offers a contribution portal by the name of allows for developers to be rewarded for making development contributions to the nOS codebase.

Currently, developers get rewarded by earning a tier to the nOS pre-sale. After the Token Generation Event, community contributions are to be rewarded with various crypto-currency token rewards.